How to reach Cusco

By air:

  • Domestic flights from Lima (1 hour approx.)
  • Domestic flights from Arequipa (30 minutes approx.)

By land:

  • Lima – Arequipa – Cusco: 1,650 km (26 hours by car approx.)
  • Lima – Nazca – Puquio – Abancay – Cusco: 1,131 km (20 hours by car approx.)
  • Puno – Cusco: 389 km (7 hours by car approx.)

By rail:

  • Puno – Cusco: 384 km (10:30 hours approx.)

Taxis in Cusco

There are a large number of taxis in Cusco, available at any time of day or night. The fare in the city center ranges from PEN 2 to PEN 5 (until 10 pm) and PEN 3 to PEN 5 (after 10 pm) depending on the destination. To or from the airport: PEN 15.

For more information, we recommend viewing the benchmark prices provided by the offices of Iperú before negotiating with taxi drivers.

Cusco Climate

June and October are the perfect months for a visit to Cusco, when the sun comes out early and shines all day.

The rainy season begins in November and lasts until March. During this time of year, we suggest always carrying a raincoat or umbrella with you.

When traveling to Cusco (Machu Picchu) we recommend taking the necessary precautions against mosquito bites and overexposure to the sun. Make sure to bring sunblock, insect repellent, hats, and sunglasses.

Altitude Sickness

The city of Cusco is located at 3,400 meters above sea level. Visitors may feel slightly ill or dizzy due to altitude sickness, known in Peru as “soroche.” It is recommended that travelers take a pill for dizziness 30 minutes before arriving in the city.

The first thing visitors should do upon reaching Cusco or Puno is rest at least a couple of hours so their bodies can get used to the altitude. Take advantage of this time to visit sites in the city center first, and avoid engaging in activities that require physical exertion. It is suggested that visitors eat light meals for the first few days. Coca tea is your best friend when it comes to beating altitude sickness.

The city of Puno is located at 3,827 meters above sea level. Visitors may feel slightly ill or dizzy due to altitude sickness, known in Peru as “soroche.” It is recommended that travelers take a pill for the dizziness thirty minutes before arriving in the city.

To help fight off altitude sickness, make sure to rest for the first few days and avoid particularly strenuous physical activity. You can also drink coca tea or take pills. Make sure to stay hydrated, especially in very high areas, drinking bottled or properly purified water.


Currency: Sol (S/ or PEN) is the official currency in Peru. Bills come in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 Soles. There are 10-, 20-, and 50-céntimo coins, as well as coins worth 1, 2, and 5 Soles (PEN). US Dollars (USD) are accepted at countless stores, restaurants, hotels, and gas stations. Money can be exchanged at banks and exchange houses. Typical business hours for currency exchange agencies run from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturdays until noon. ATMs can be found in nearly all cities in the country, and the majority are affiliated with Plus (Visa) and Cirrus (MasterCard/Maestro), American Express, and other networks. ATMs can be used to withdraw cash in Soles (PEN) or US Dollars (USD) although the exchange rate is usually less favorable than at exchange establishments.

Machu Picchu

Tourist Ticket

The Cusco tourist ticket is one of the most important tourism development initiatives in Cusco. This ticket allows tourists to make a one-time payment, gaining access to nearly all of the city’s varied tourist attractions.

It can be purchased at the following address:

Turistic Galleries

Av. El Sol 103 Of. 101, Cusco

For more information on the tourist ticket, visit the COSITUC website.

Bus to Machu Picchu

After arriving in Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Station) you have two options available for the ascent to the citadel of Machu Picchu: on foot or by bus.

For those who prefer to go on foot, the six-kilometer walk will take you no more than an hour.

You can also take one of the 20 buses that travel the winding road, departing from town every 15 minutes. The first bus leaves at 5:30 am, and the last one leaves the citadel for town at 5:30 pm.

The bus ticket costs approximately USD 24 (round trip) and may be purchased at the ticket offices in Aguas Calientes: Av. Hermanos Ayar S/N, or at the CONSETTUR offices located at Av. Infancia 433, Wanchaq, Cusco.

Ticket to Machu Picchu

If you wish to purchase only the ticket to the citadel, visit www.machupicchu.gob.pe

You can also buy your ticket at our point of sale located on the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) of Cusco or at the ticket windows in the Wanchaq, Poroy, and Ollantaytambo Stations, providing that you are also purchasing a train ticket.



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